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Welcome to Rural Resources

We are rural-based facilitators with significant urban, rural, UK and overseas experience

Facilitators and enablers of groups, communities and organisations

Rural Resources is a sustainable development and regeneration company specialising in urban areas, market towns and rural areas. We work with communities, charities, businesses, agencies and local government, to involve all the stakeholders in:

  • Consulting on local needs and resources
  • Building partnership teams
  • Developing action plans
  • Training for improved delivery
  • Evaluating project successes

Rural Resources staff and core associates lead specialist teams to deliver in our five core delivery themes:

  • Community - Community development services
  • Environmental - Managing our heritage and natural resources in a sustainable way
  • Organisational - Building the capacity of small organisations, partnerships and project teams
  • Economic - Assessing and improving economic sustainability and real business options
  • Learning - Providing a wide variety of training related to all our areas of work.
  • Overseas - We have extensive work overseas, having completed contracts in 9 countries other than the UK and Europe

Rural Resources is part of Resources for Change; click here to visit the web site.



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