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This Is Why UK Always Endears Tourists From Around The World

The most preferred holiday destination:
Ask anyone across the world what their favorite holiday spot is and pat you will get the reply “Europe”! No other continent in the world is as diverse in its physical features as the places in Europe. It is a traveler’s paradise because it is here that he will find more diversity than having to travel various worlds to experience that.


Why do people prefer Europe over other places?

This is a moot question. Here are some of the reasons why places like the United Kingdome endear people from all over the world to come and spend time and in turn take back some of the best memories of their lives.


1. It has been noticed that when people prefer a dream holiday with their loved ones or with their close family, they prefer to go to an exotic location. The place has to give them a high and must be extremely exotic in that it has something new to offer every time they go back to it after a time gap. This is one of the reasons that Europe is a favored destination among people from all walks of life;

2. The socio economic and the political background: this also has a great bearing on the kind of place that people like to visit on their annual holiday. Since it is an annual getaway, they prefer to go to places where there is heterogeneity. The people in places like UK and Germany are cosmopolitan and they are warm and affable. The political conditions are just right for people to feel at ease and rejuvenate before they head back to their routine.

3. The condition of the Euro: this one will not include the UK. Any country belonging to the European Union has had a brilliant year as a tourist destination. This is partly because they has been a slight slump in the euro valuation this year and it perfectly coincided with the summer vacations in most countries as well as a huge influx from the Arabian Kingdom because the slump was just in time for the Ramadan holidays.

4. The combination of the modern and the ancient: Another very important reason why Europe is a dream destination is that the modern and the contemporary exists alongside the ancient and the historical. The monuments and the ancients traces of civilization are so well maintained and exhibited that it seamlessly exists with the modern. This attribute which is seen in some of the European cities is unparalleled in any other part of the world.

When we talk about London, a lot of people raise their eyebrows in awe of that place:



London, the most iconic place on earth is filled with mind blowing landmarks. The city is well known for having historical landmarks in most nooks and crannies of the old city. There are historical anecdotes that can be sighted in almost every part of London. It is a haven for tourists and students of architecture alike who swear on their skills that they have never seen a prettier city in the world that is shrouded in more history than this one.

A recent statistics put UK and London particularly in the first three ranks of the places that people want to visit again and again. The other two cities to take the honors were Spain and France. There are other countries also on the list that did not make it to the top three but occupy a pride of place in the list. They are


  1. UK

  2. Spain

  3. France

  4. Italy

  5. Austria

  6. Germany

  7. Croatia

  8. Greece

  9. Portugal

  10. Poland

  11. Netherlands

  12. Sweden

What can you expect to see in London?

London is a panorama of different things in terms of architecture all belonging to different areas but yet synchronizing so well into each other that at a stray glance you cannot tell one from the other. There are royal multi-storied palaces and majestic towers. There are medieval basilicas and there are modern super structures like bridges and subways that stand and rub shoulders with each other. None of them trying to steal each other’s beauty but bringing in a beautiful harmony. No wonder then that the skyline in London is beautiful beyond words. For further details please visit anchor.

So, now that you know what kind of fun is the UK when are you flying there?