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Our team

We deliver what we promise:


From creating the agenda for your trip and stay to making sure that the smallest details are in place, our team is exactly where they are required to be.


The agenda is perfectly planned:


When you set out for a journey that is limited in time and considering that you have the best intention of covering as much as possible, our planning team realistically plans the itinerary keeping in mind not only the time frame of the visiting monuments or public buildings but also factoring other things such as travel time and human fatigue.


Especially if there are young children on board or an older parent, the trip could be slowed down without tampering with the time schedules of the trip.


Short breaks and stopovers:


We have always planned well in advance keeping in mind that when we have people across different age groups, it becomes necessary to be sensitive to their needs. We have enough coverage for any emergency stopovers and even short breaks to ensure that everyone in the trip is relaxed and no one is too hassled or uncomfortable. It is easier to be overwhelmed in a foreign place and not know whom to approach.

Our team believes that the customer is the king and always:

The team right from the top to the bottom is specifically trained to not argue with our customers and so when there is even the slightest discomfort, be ready to raise a complaint and we will make sure that we go an extra mile whenever and wherever it is to make you feel at home!

Perfect paperwork:

Foreign land and huge paper documentation go hand in hand. There is check point at every place and there needs to be officially done legal work. thank god that we have a solid foundation in legal work with our legal counsels working round the clock to make sure that you are safe in a foreign place and that you come back only with bags of shopping and endearing memories and nothing else!